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Which is the best garden restaurant in Baroda/ Vadodara?

Are you looking for the best Garden Restaurant in Vadodara?

We the vendors of Dawat food Resort are here to help you out with it. It’s not just because we are the winters of our food Resort but because we are serving the best possible services to the customer’s pricing. Due to having two in one facility of Resorts with restaurants people use get attracted towards over service and facility.

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One of the major reasons for choosing our resort is the supportive staff that will help you out in any situation. With that you are here to stay for a longer time or wanted to spend time with your family it’s an open place so you can enjoy as much as you can.

The environment of Dawat food resort is so calm that you will miss it throughout your lifetime and want to visit once in a while everything will time. There is over 30000 + positive feedback on our Resort which means a lot for the emerging food brand in Vadodara where most of the businesses are well established and competing with each other.

How to find the best Garden Restaurant in Vadodara?

The trend of Garden restaurants is increasing why teachers because people are likely to enjoy nature while consuming food. So you will find many uses in the entire Vadodara that used to serve the best possible calming environment where one could spend time at their convenience.

We look forward to the people’s issues and the reason why De used to get back to us every single time they visit Vadodara. To let you know we have over 3000 + visitors everything will take and it’s truly possible just because of the natural landscapes and flourishing greenery which attract people to fall in love with nature.

How to find the best restaurant with live music in Vadodara?

Playing music while being in a restaurant is not a new day norm but most restaurant still misses it out and as the reason why people stop going to search places. Occasionally we used to organize several events based upon the theme of that specific occasion and that’s the reason why people use to visit the place once in a while.

Following are some of the unique selling points that we offer to the customers:-


  • Quality food with good and enhanced taste.
  • We make sure to deliver food safely to your table or resort room.
  • We are one of the st delivery services in the entire Vadodara.

So if you are looking forward to enjoy enjoying nature while being in the restaurant then you can reach out to our place. And I am assuring you that you will surely add it to your favorite place in Vadodara. Usually, our working time is in between noon to midnight so you can come in between and enjoy the time with your family and colleagues.

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